No One Should Go Hungry

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No One Should Go Hungry

More than 456,000 people in Colorado use
SNAP to help buy healthy food each month

SNAP provides food assistance for people who could use a little extra help making ends meet. Enroll in SNAP today and get the groceries you need. You decide where to shop and what to buy.

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Did you know SNAP benefits not only help individuals purchase food when money is tight, but the program also benefits our local economy?

Every additional dollar in SNAP benefits generates $1.79 of new spending in the local economy.

Did you know individuals that receive SNAP benefits to help purchase food have lower health costs?

A study found SNAP participants spent nearly 25% less on health care each year than others not involved in the program.

Did you know most able-bodied working-age SNAP recipients work?

Nearly 3/4 of adults who participate in SNAP work either that month or within a year of the month of participation.

Did you know SNAP benefits improve children’s performance in school and increase their chances of graduating?

Research suggests that SNAP participation can lead to improvements in reading, mathematics, and increase the chances of graduating from high school.

Did you know food insecurity doesn’t always mean someone is starving?

For some people, it means they cannot afford nutritious foods. Poor nutrition can lead to development of chronic disease like diabetes or high blood pressure.

If you receive help from the SNAP program, it won’t take away help from someone else.

Did you know we all need a hand at some points in our lives?

If right now is your time, that’s okay. You aren’t alone. As a community, nation, and world we are going through difficult and challenging times.
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Mesa County Hunger Alliance

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