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Frequently Asked Questions

Food Assistance

When will application processing be expedited (processed in 7 days)? Do I have to do anything special?

The county will automatically expedite an app if the information entered on the application in PEAK/PEAK Pro reflects:

  • gross monthly income plus any cash that on hand or in the bank is less than rent plus utilities, or
  • gross monthly income is less than $150 and any cash on hand or in the bank is less than $100, or
  • income is from migrant or seasonal farm work and any cash on hand or in the bank is less than $100.
If there’s a pregnant woman in the household, does her unborn baby count as part of the household for Food Assistance?
No. For Food Assistance, a pregnant woman is one person.
A person’s daughter gives her a little money to live on each month, and she helps with caring for the grandchildren. Does the money her daughter gives her count as income? Or in-kind earnings? Or does it even need to be reported?
If it is more than a $100, then this needs to be reported as in-kind income.
When a client applies for SNAP and the county needs additional information, how long do clients have to send information to the county?
Clients should submit their verifications as soon as possible.

The most common verifications required are at least 30 days of proof of income and photo IDs. To make this easier on our clients in Mesa County, you can ask that the client provide these to you at the time of the appointment, and then you can send them along to along with client info, case number and PEAK application number.

Applicants technically have 60 days to turn them in before the case is closed. If the county doesn’t receive verifications within 30 days, then they will not issue benefits for that second month.

The 5 year bar for resident non-citizens is disregarded for pregnant women and children for Medicaid. Is this also true for SNAP?


A person’s Food Assistance is pending because the county needs a Social Security card that she doesn’t have. What can she do?
If the person doesn’t think she’ll be able to obtain the Social Security card by the verification due date, she can provide proof of having applied for one via the Social Security Administration.

Telephonic Signature

How do I record a telephonic signature using Microsoft Teams?

Here is a video explanation of how to record in Microsoft Teams.

How do I download a telephonic signature file from Teams?
Here is a video explanation of how to download and correctly name your Teams recording.
My client doesn’t have an email address. When I make a calendar meeting without one, it doesn’t generate a Teams meeting. How can I record a telephonic signature?
Create a Teams calendar slot and add a Teams Channel instead of an email to make it a joinable Teams meeting. Once you join the Teams meeting, click on Participants and type in the client’s phone number to add them telephonically to the meeting. See video explanation here.
What if my client’s name is too long to add the telephonic signature naming convention when submitting on PEAK?

If, when trying to submit your PEAK application, the last name is too long and PEAK cuts you off, you have a couple of options:

  • Prioritize “HFC” and “tel”:
  • MartinezHerrera-HFC-HTOPtel won’t fit
  • MartinezHerrera-HFC-Htel is an option
  • You can add -HFC-HTOPtel to the first name if needed.


PEAK Pro won’t let me download a copy of the application report. What do I do?
Instead of clicking the download button on the page that pops up when you click the report, click the Print button and choose “Save as PDF” instead.
How do I know if the client has a case to link in PEAK Pro?

Use the PEAK Pro “CBMS Case Search” tool on the left, or email Karen with your participant’s name and date of birth and she’ll look it up for you.
You’ll need the head of household’s personal information in order to link the case in PEAK Pro.

It’s been a while, and PEAK Pro won’t let me log in. How do I get back in?
Contact Karen. If you haven’t logged in to PEAK Pro in the past month, it’s likely that your account simply needs to be reactivated.

The SNAP Education and Outreach Coordinator at CDHS is who we will contact for this. She can also help tackle other PEAK Pro issues, but to do so she will need screenshots that show the issues you’re having with PEAK in order to submit a HelpDesk ticket with OIT on your behalf.

Where exactly do I send verifications that I receive from the client after submitting?
You should always ask for proof of verifications of income in order to help people know if it makes sense to apply for Food Assistance. Any verifications you receive should be forwarded to the county. See Submit Verifications for details.

Reporting & Billing

How do I complete SNAP reporting for Apps, Change Reports, and Redeterminations I do for clients?
Whether you use PEAK Pro or telephonic signature or not, all SNAP assistance needs to be reported for our grant. If you helped with a paper application, a PEAK Pro Application, Change Report or Redetermination, fill out the information required on a new line on this shared Excel Spreadsheet.
How do I bill the time I spend on SNAP in Ultipro when submitting my timesheet?

Keep track of extra time you’re spending when Food Assistance is added. When submitting your timesheet, bill that time to:

  • Department – 4398 [FAMILY FIRST – GRANTS]
  • Project – FFSNAP21 [SNAP]
I did SNAP work that wasn’t an app, change report, or redetermination. How do I report this time on the monthly outreach report?
Email Kelly the details and she’ll add it to the monthly report on your behalf.

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